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  • the hallmark of tolerance

    directed by: ayo tsalithaba

    ayo tsalithaba's first film is an exploration of what it means to be black in canada. interviewing the different experiences of black folks, this film questions whether or not canada is the "hallmark of tolerance" it claims to be while also highlighting black excellence.

  • manifesto talks | the effects of systemic racism

    on june 17, 2020, manifesto hosted a panel of strong black voices in toronto unpacking the effects systemic racism in canada. hosted by camille dundas, the panel included ajani charles, esie mensah, natasha adiyana morris, omar "wolf" allison, and julien christain lutz, professionally known as di...

  • project ego

    directed by: igho diana

    "project ego" is the first offering from e.g.o initiative — an organization prioritizing black women, self care, and healing. infusing poetry, spoken word and the rituals of black womanhood, project ego takes us through personal anecdotes of millennial women in toronto.

  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | terence nance

    directed by: helena morgane

    after becoming aware of how fortunate she was to be surrounded by inspiring and passionate people from all of walks of life, director helena morgane decided to put together "kaleidoscope stories" — a platform to uplift, inspire, and give back.

  • hyphen-nation

    directed by: samah ali

    "hyphen-nation" looks at what it means to be a black woman in canada after growing up in a culturally-steeped home, both domestically and internationally, and how it influences one’s identity.