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  • in conversation with kourtney jackson

    join sisterhood media's programs and acquisitions director as she chats with award winning filmmaker, kourtney jackson on her career and artistic journey.

  • in conversation with igho diana

    go behind-the-scenes of "project ego" in this divine interview with igho diana as she expands on how she made the short documentary and her business e.g.o. initiative focusing on black women's wellness.

  • in conversation with sunita miya-muganza & sarafina mcintosh

    sisterhood media's digital content manager has a live chat with the directors of 'badassery' sunita miya-muganza and sarafina mcintosh for the latest movie night episode. sunita and sarafina have an in depth chat on their experiences in the film industry and how "badassery" came to be.

  • in conversation with jason karman

    director of kimchi fried dumplings discusses the process behind filmmaking and his upcoming project.

  • in conversation with helena morgane

    sisterhood media's programming and acquisitions director has a live chat with director of 'kaleidoscope stories' helena morgane for the inaugural movie night episode. helena speaks candidly on her experience filming kaleidoscope stories as well as answering questions from viewers and gives us a s...