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  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | tania peralta

    directed by: helena morgane

    tania peralta is the writer behind the moving “coyotes” and the founder of peralta house, a publishing company operating out of toronto. tania recounts her migration story moving from honduras to canada at a young age and how it inspired her first book. she also talks...

  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | sandra grattarola

    directed by: helena morgane

    sandra grattarola is a mexican-italian fashion photographer. in this episode we explore her passion and her journey as a successful creative in mexico and nyafter being mentored by miguel reveriego.

  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | green street

    directed by: helena morgane

    green street is a bostonian nyc-based hip hop group formed by ani (a-live), elijah (soupa), and max (renaissance). in this episode we explore their journey as musical artists impacted by life or death circumstances.

  • kimchi fried dumplings

    directed by: jason karman

    when carl comes home with a new boyfriend for christmas, he find his younger brother, who is also gay, resentful for being left to care for their aging parents.

  • sira

    directed by: rolla tahir

    'sira', in arabic, literally translated, means biography. arabs are a people known for their oral tradition. through excavated footage and narration, sira examines the displacement of a family, beginning with the event the catapulted their exodus from kuwait as a result ...

  • corners

    directed by: imane ahmed, asma abdourahman, sagal abdi-daoud

    a short reflection on being the daughter of immigrants and how familial expectations affect one's journey to becoming an adult.

  • missed connections

    directed by: michelle sam

    two strangers meet and form a bond at a festival, but forget to exchange contact info. as they search for one another in the real world, their posts go viral, as they navigate their careers, lives, and societyʼs expectations of them as black, female, and transgender.

  • badassery

    directed by: sarafina mcIntosh, demi valentine and sunita miya-muganza

    what does it mean to make it in a male-dominated industry? from the up-and-coming independent curator to the global powerhouse, these creatives have crafted a brand for themselves as industry leaders, without compromising who...