the black love collection

the black love collection

looking at black love in all its forms — this collection of films represent the complexities and beauty of care, family, and romance. whether at a music festival or finding the profound in mundane activities, love can be expressed in all the different nooks and crannies of life.

rent the black love collection for 30 days and watch this selection of four shorts. if you have a subscription, you are welcome to enjoy the collection as a regular sisterhood media TV member.

the black love collection

4 Videos

  • laundry day

    when mother and daughter are at odds, a visitor from their past intervenes to remind them to clean their dirty laundry.

  • missed connections

    directed by: michelle sam

    two strangers meet and form a bond at a festival, but forget to exchange contact info. as they search for one another in the real world, their posts go viral, as they navigate their careers, lives, and societyʼs expectations of them as black, female, and transgender.

  • project ego

    directed by: igho diana

    "project ego" is the first offering from e.g.o initiative — an organization prioritizing black women, self care, and healing. infusing poetry, spoken word and the rituals of black womanhood, project ego takes us through personal anecdotes of millennial women in toronto.

  • haus

    directed by: joseph amenta

    makai is a young homeless queer boy sleeping on the couch of his friend trevon. as the two prepare for a night of competition at a local kiki Ball, makai is forced to reconnect with his disapproving older brother. yearning for distraction from his tumultuous familial s...

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