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  • flash flood

    deep within a dream, a cataclysmic flood washes over the planet, and reveals three unique perspectives on gender and identity. flash flood is animated by volunteer transgender artists and animators from across the globe.

  • america

    an Iranian journalist couple wants to move to america to escape the difficulties of their country. the woman receives her visa but her husband doesn't. he stays in iran and watches his wife find success on television and falls into a state of depression.

  • routine

    directed by: wesley akwoubi
    dwayne, a recently out stand-up comedian, shares a dating experience with his audience—and discovers quite a bit about his new community.

  • GIK: SKWOD: How I Lost My Indian Name

    directed by: terry j jones

    in this short, Jones reimagines storytelling told through narration, images and text. in "Gik:skwod," the filmmaker made cuts according to his eye blinks, while recounting his family history.

  • facing mecca

    directed by: jan-eric mak

    pensioner roli comes to fareed’s assistance when the syrian refugee is
    faced with the burial of his muslim wife. together they stumble into a
    bewildering forest of swiss bureaucracy to which roli finds a beautifully
    simple answer…

  • home made

    directed by diana khong
    home made is an intimate, contemplative portrait of two queer tattoo artists navigating an industry traditionally dominated by white, straight, cisgender males. the film weaves together the parallel narratives of Jasmine, a shop owner in Philadelphia, and sally, a stick-an...

  • long distance

    directed by: anoop lokkur

    aayushi, a young indian woman living in australia, receives a call from her mum while getting ready for work. as they talk, the little white lies that aayushi tells reveals the distance between herself and her family is more just than physical.

  • juice

    a batch of pot brownies at a 16th birthday party transforms a night of regressive hijinks into an unsettling brush with danger

  • margoland

    a deadpan comedy featuring, margo -- an elderly woman who's trying to escape her old folks home in order to get her late wife's ashes to the big nickel in Sudbury, in time to celebrate their anniversary.

  • a kiki with - bobby bowen

    this short documentary-style interview film takes a quick look at some key terms that originated within queer black and poc communities (such as the ballroom scene), tracing their cultural significance to contemporary mainstream popular culture.