short films

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  • the hallmark of tolerance

    directed by: ayisha gariba

    ayisha gariba's first film is an exploration of what it means to be black in canada. interviewing the different experiences of black folks, this film questions whether or not canada is the "hallmark of tolerance" it claims to be while also highlighting black excellence.

  • hole

    directed by: gil goletski

    “hole” by gil goletski follows a character named mo, an adult living with autism. the film follows him as he conducts his day to day activities, from making stir fry to riding the bus. his thoughts wander so he simultaneously spends a lot of time in his brain. today, a ...

  • elastic band

    directed by: alice charlie liu

    alice liu's debut narrative short film showcases what it takes for 16 year old Ninghai to be accepted, both by peers and by her mother.

  • silvia dans les vagues (silvia in the waves)

    "silvia dans les vagues" by gio olmos

    this short captures the story of a son who struggles to honor the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family. grief and fantasy entwine to reveal the complex relationship between history...

  • red lips

    directed by: kyisha williams

    red lips looks closely at what means to be a black woman, a queer woman, a sexy woman. a celebration of the lives of the women featured in the film and a dissection of the horrors and injustices of the prison system.

  • cherry cola

    directed by: joseph amenta

    when ryan's boyfriend of two years breaks up with him over a text, the two friends decide to take matters into their own hands. a charming, fun and perceptive tale of the power of friendship over all.

  • wait for me

    directed by: andrea villanueva

    "wait for me" follows a young mexican teenager who tells her father she’s pregnant. told as personal memoir for other young women who are facing hostility when it comes to reproductive rights, this film touches on themes of unconditional love and abortion.

  • wash day

    directed by: kourtney jackson

    kourtney jackson’s “wash day” is a short, introspective documentary that follows three black women as they speak about beauty, life, and their hair. shot on film, “wash day” captures the quiet timelessness of beauty and grooming for women of color.

  • hyphen-nation

    directed by: samah ali

    "hyphen-nation" looks at what it means to be a black woman in canada after growing up in a culturally-steeped home, both domestically and internationally, and how it influences one’s identity.

  • lady strips

    directed by: adrienne mountain

    “lady strips” is a hand-drawn animation created by adrienne mountain. the film follows a woman who comes home and begins changing in more ways than one. the film analyzes one's ownership of their body as it takes a beautifully haunting turn.

  • going through

    directed by: ayisha gariba

    a thoughtful documentary on body and appearance, gariba's use of split screen creates a poetic and meaningful piece.

  • 1 vers(us) 1

    directed by: kourtney jackson

    1 vers(us) 1 is an experimental film that explores the relationship between religion, belief, and personal experience alongside dealing with the growing pains of adolescence. .

  • sira

    directed by: rolla tahir

    'sira', in arabic, literally translated, means biography. arabs are a people known for their oral tradition. through excavated footage and narration, sira examines the displacement of a family, beginning with the event the catapulted their exodus from kuwait as a result ...