sisterhood media originals

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  • hyphen-nation

    directed by: samah ali

    "hyphen-nation" looks at what it means to be a black woman in canada after growing up in a culturally-steeped home, both domestically and internationally, and how it influences one’s identity.

  • somewhere in | episode 1 | "somewhere in scarborough"

    directed by: muna dahir

    somewhere in follows two regular, degular, shmegular girls, amina and sarah, as they navigate through the tumultuous, and murky waters of teendom. set in the scarborough area of toronto, the duo find themselves in hot water on one fateful afternoon.

  • somewhere in | episode 2 | "all in a day"

    directed by: muna dahir

    last episode, amina and sarah lost the bag. this episode, they try to make it back with get-rich-quick schemes.

  • somewhere in | episode 3 | "money callin'"

    directed by: muna dahir

    the conclusion to amina and sarah's schemes brings them to their local mosque.

  • project ego

    directed by: igho diana

    "project ego" is the first offering from e.g.o initiative — an organization prioritizing black women, self care, and healing. Infusing poetry, spoken word and the rituals of black womanhood, project ego takes us through personal anecdotes of millennial women in Toronto.

  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | terence nance

    directed by: helena morgane

    after becoming aware of how fortunate she was to be surrounded by inspiring and passionate people from all of walks of life, director helena morgane decided to put together "kaleidoscope stories" — a platform to uplift, inspire, and give back.

  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | kelly fyffe-marshall

    directed by: helena morgane

    the one and only kelly fyffe-marshall gives us her light and energy in this episode of ‘kaleidoscope stories’. helena asks about the makings of kelly’s film ‘haven’, her approach towards directing, and how 2018 was her “congratulation season”.

  • kaleidoscope stories | season 1 | farhiya jama

    directed by: helena morgane

    this episode of kaleidoscope stories features the prolific multidisciplinary artist farhiya jama. making work on the somali diaspora and afrofuturism, riya talks about why she focuses on her kin in her art and shares candid thoughts on dealing with invisible disabilit...