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  • somewhere in | episode 1 | "somewhere in scarborough"

    directed by: muna dahir

    somewhere in follows two regular, degular, shmegular girls, amina and sarah, as they navigate through the tumultuous, and murky waters of teendom. set in the scarborough area of toronto, the duo find themselves in hot water on one fateful afternoon.

  • 1 vers(us) 1

    directed by: kourtney jackson

    1 vers(us) 1 is an experimental film that explores the relationship between religion, belief, and personal experience alongside dealing with the growing pains of adolescence. .

  • wash day

    directed by: kourtney jackson

    kourtney jackson’s “wash day” is a short, introspective documentary that follows three black women as they speak about beauty, life, and their hair. shot on film, “wash day” captures the quiet timelessness of beauty and grooming for women of color.

  • elastic band

    directed by: alice charlie liu

    alice liu's debut narrative short film showcases what it takes for 16 year old Ninghai to be accepted, both by peers and by her mother.

  • wait for me

    directed by: andrea villanueva

    "wait for me" follows a young mexican teenager who tells her father she’s pregnant. told as personal memoir for other young women who are facing hostility when it comes to reproductive rights, this film touches on themes of unconditional love and abortion.

  • somewhere in | episode 2 | "all in a day"

    directed by: muna dahir

    last episode, amina and sarah lost the bag. this episode, they try to make it back with get-rich-quick schemes.

  • somewhere in | episode 3 | "money callin'"

    directed by: muna dahir

    the conclusion to amina and sarah's schemes brings them to their local mosque.

  • margoland

    a deadpan comedy featuring, margo -- an elderly woman who's trying to escape her old folks home in order to get her late wife's ashes to the big nickel in Sudbury, in time to celebrate their anniversary.